Losing steam

Color wash from my burst of iPad drawing in May

Color wash from my burst of iPad drawing in May

I can feel myself losing steam on daily blogging. Have I said most of what I had to say? Or maybe I’ve just said most of what I can say ten minutes at a time.

I can say this: whenever I feel overwhelmed at work, I try to remember to take a step back and notice how many good people I work with. There’s always a lot for us to figure out, and it’s only “done” for a hot second a few times a year. But wow is it ever fun and meaningful to figure it out together.

I’ve sometimes said that my whole career deal is “making cool things happen with people I care about.” And I’ve been noticing, I get to do that all the time these days. A lot of making cool things happen can feel frustrating and hard because there’s basically a never-ending set of nesting dolls of difficulty—most unforeseen, many unforeseeable. But having all these people I can turn to, talk about what we’re seeing, then figure out what to do about it—that’s the main thing, those conversations in the trenches and the trust we build there. That’s what we’ll have on the other side of the cool thing.

Diana Berlin