Instagram is my internet

These days, Instagram is my internet. This feels strange to say as someone who spent many a teenage evening playing a game I called “follow the links,” but it’s true. Instagram is the best of blogs, Instagram is what Tumblr used to be, Instagram is what Flickr used to be, Instagram is more captivating than Twitter. I love following people on Instagram and seeing their work scroll by as well as getting a window into their lives through Stories. These are some of the people I love following the most:

Katie Zhu | @ktzhu

I’ve written about Katie’s artwork before, but I still have more to say! She’s a designy engineer turned product manager turned artist and podcaster, and a real-life friend of mine. Her colorful, real-talk perspective on life is always bracing and refreshing. I’m always hyped when I see a new entry in her #100daysofandnotor series show up, but I also get pretty hyped when she posts Stories of her dog, Dirk.

Jenna Wortham | @jennydeluxe

Jenna writes for the New York Times Magazine and co-hosts one of my favorite podcasts, Still Processing. She also shares indelible slices of life on Instagram, most recently from the Tin House Summer Writing Workshop. I feel lucky to know Jenna, but Instagram lets me know her in a completely different way: as the heart and mind behind the click-click of Polaroid moments shared on purpose but unfiltered.

Tuesday Bassen | @tuesdaybassen

Tuesday Bassen is a blast to follow. I started following her around when my friends Duretti, Rachel and I made a pilgrimage to her old store in LA, Friend Mart. (She‘s got a new one now.) Tuesday designs size-inclusive clothing in an ethical, playful way, and I get such a kick out of watching her business unfold. I now own not one but TWO satin jackets by Tuesday, each purchase prompted by a tantalizing Instagram post.

Ashluka Lukashevsky | @ashlukadraws

Illustrators are some of my favorite people to follow on Instagram because bright images give me a place to pause in my feed. They’re the art I get to drink in along the way. I love Ashluka’s style, and I love her mission, too: “Illustrating to dismantle patriarchal nonsense + systemic racism.” It’s nice to get a jolt of that in every day.


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Not a person, but: did you know you can follow hashtags on Instagram?! My hashtag of choice is #bernedoodle—it is so fun to have cute dogs peppered throughout my feed. Highly recommended.