Better late

Portal at the  Conservatory of Flowers  today

Portal at the Conservatory of Flowers today

I meant to go to the Conservatory of Flowers yesterday, but the day ran out before I had a chance. I meant to spend most of today on the computer, but some restlessness in the middle of the day told me I needed something to look forward to. So I unearthed the Conservatory plan, and made a point of setting out just in time to arrive before it closed. I showed up, paid my dues, and began to wander through; I hadn’t been in years, though I pass the ornate white building all the time. I wandered through the different chambers with their different humidities, and before long, I ran out. I even lingered, and it couldn’t have taken me more than 15 minutes total to make it through every room. It was an ideal interlude, even sweeter for being short. I got to see lush colors after all—better late than never.

Diana Berlin