How to start podcasting

At  Women’s Audio Mission  last year. Photo by  Melanie Riccardi

Occasionally, friends of mine will mention that they’re interested in starting a podcast. I always perk right up; I love making Should We with Lisa, and want other people to have the same kind of satisfaction in their lives.

The number-one thing I hear is a sort of wistful nod toward equipment. I need to figure out recording and stuff. And that’s where I perk up the most, because Lisa and I discovered something that utterly works for us: recording at a recording studio. We rent recording time at Women’s Audio Mission in SOMA for about $50 an hour, have our wonderful producer there add our music and tweak our levels, and then stash the finished file away to upload later.

If Lisa and I were starting today, I’d probably check out Anchor—“The easiest way to start a podcast.” It’s definitely possible to podcast from your phone. (We did that for a whole season.) But it’s also possible to just start out in a studio. Find one in your city or town, book some time with a friend, and record a capsule season. Start with friendship and go from there.

To learn more about how Lisa and I podcast now, check out “Podcasting 201: Going pro with Should We.

Diana Berlin