Lush overgrowth in the Interior Greenbelt

Lush overgrowth in the Interior Greenbelt

Today felt expansive, which was so nice. Also fitting: I spent most of the morning immersed in another of Laura Vanderkam’s time management books, 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think.

Some things that got to happen today:

Eating zucchini bread I made last night (I used this hearty recipe from Food52)

Finishing 168 Hours (I started it last night)

Sipping morning cappuccinos with Erik and talking about our weeks

Toasting leftover bread, spreading on leftover cream cheese from last weekend’s bagel extravaganza, then slicing up an heirloom tomato and layering juicy rounds on top of each hunk of bread. Grinding on some salt and pepper.

Measuring out where we think the double dresser will go in the nursery, and what that means for the placement of the diaper pail. Marking the oatmeal-colored carpet with red washi tape where furniture could go.

Starting a novel, Pachinko, that I coincidentally heard recommended a few times this week

Walking to Tantrum, a toy shop in Cole Valley. Staying for a few minutes (the stuffed animals were very cute, but we didn’t get any—yet), then heading over to Ice Cream Bar, where I got a sundae: cornbread shortbread, scoops of crème fraîche and cherry ice cream, and rosemary and cherry syrup. Eating it outside on the heavy black benches that reminded me of playground equipment.

Going on a roundabout walk with Erik that wound up at the entrance to the Interior Greenbelt—a piece of San Francisco neither of us had ever seen. Hiking and hiking, marveling that such elevation and lush, wild greenery existed at all in San Francisco. I’d never even thought to look for it; I assumed I’d never find it. Placing one smudged white sneaker in front of the other as we ascended Mount Sutro.

Hearing chords drifting through the air from Outside Lands. Not quite being able to name their source, but noticing familiar progressions.

Making our way back to the neighborhood we started in, then zagging over to Whole Foods in search of flavored sparkling water. Buying all kinds of stuff we normally can’t find at Bi-Rite, our usual go-to.

Returning home, making myself some sparkling water with a splash of juice, swallowing my vitamins, starting the dishwasher. Adding rinse aid.

Coming upstairs to sleep.

Diana Berlin