Back to the drawing board

Loop drawing from my May drawing extravaganza.

Loop drawing from my May drawing extravaganza.

Every now and then, I buy an iPad. A part of me always thinks it might stick, but then I always return the iPad within 14 days. I think about buying one to draw. I have lots of markers, but not every color—and sometimes, the promise of every color under the sun feels like just the ticket.

Today marked the end of another 14-day window. I left the bag of boxes (for the iPad and accessories) at home, realized that on the bus, then wondered if it might be fate. No: it was just a mistake. Later, I took a bus back home in the middle of the afternoon; spent some time with my computer; then, boarded a bus back downtown. And around when I boarded that bus, I realized: it wasn’t the end of the 14-day window at all! It was the 15th day already.

Still: I was on the bus, so it seemed just as well to go all the way there. Arriving at the Apple Store, I presented my bag of boxes and a screen with the order number, which needed squinching to be legible. The employee didn’t blink. “Was anything wrong, or did it just not work out?”  It didn’t work out, but other things did.

Diana Berlin