I’m a product leader and coach in San Francisco. Writing letters; making space.

Photograph by    Melanie Riccardi

Photograph by Melanie Riccardi


My story

I’m Diana Berlin: reader, writer, collaborator, leader, coach, artist, product manager, podcaster, and partner. I share my life online because talking about what’s true for me brings me closer to the world I want: a world where expression wakes us up.

These days, I work at Quip as a product manager. Around the edges, I coach clients and make a podcast called Should We.

Going back to the beginning…I was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Soon after, my family moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Books were my first love, which was no accident…

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As a leadership coach, I work with clients to develop their self-awareness, decisiveness, and sense of purpose. I work side by side with Lisa Sanchez.


I’m a product leader at Quip, acquired by Salesforce in 2016. We make a collaboration suite that brings teams together. Read more about how we do product at Quip—and come work with me!


I speak up about things that matter. Past speaking engagements include the inaugural Women in Product conference, BrioROFLCon, Dreamforce, and others. Reach out if you have an opportunity in mind.


Should We

My best friend Lisa and I make a podcast called Should We: creative conversations about the everyday choices that make us. For the past three seasons, we’ve tackled all of life’s most (and least) important questions one by one, sharing all the secrets we can along the way.


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